retail health insurance market share

Top insurance companies in retail health segment in India

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Online Travel Agents

Market shares of online travel agents in India in 2021

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millionaire migration globally

Find out the number of millionaires migration from different countries globally

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QSR food Chains in India

QSR market share in India by outlets count

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Indians hold the largest gold reserve

Largest gold holder by household. Find out which country has the highest holding

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GDP Growth Q1 2022-23

World’s major economy GDP growth rate for Q1 2022-23

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Electric bike and scooter

Planned manufacturing capacity of 2 wheelers electric vehicle companies in India

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market share of air conditioner brands

Room airconditioner brands market share in India

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India household asset ownership March 2022

India household asset ownership as of March 2022

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Products of exports by India

India’s exports in 2022

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