Singapore Investments in India

Which Indian company has highest Investments from Singapore?

Singapore Government is very active in the investments in Indian leading companies from long time. Find out its top investments
Shareholders of Jio

Who are the Shareholders of Reliance Jio?

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Electric Vehicle Sales in the world

Top countries in Electric Vehicle Sales as % of total car sales in 2021

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Rise in Stock Investors

New demat account growth Indian state-wise in 2022

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FII Investors in India

Countrywise FII Investments in India

India is considered one of the fastest emerging economies in the world and a leading country in attracting foreign investments.
Internet speed in the world

Internet speed of top countries in the world

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Market Share of Stock Broker

Which stock broker hold the majority market share?

India investors are opening up for equity investments, which is reflected in the growth of new demat account. Find out the market share…
Top Indian Monopoly Indian Stocks

Which Indian companies have monopoly in their industry?

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Global Inflation 2022

Inflation of Top Countries – 2022

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Nifty 50 Stocks

Which stocks are part of Nifty 50 for the longest period?

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